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Fire Protection Service

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Fire Watch Personnel, Emergency Service, 24/7 Dispatch


We specialize in the Fire Watch Services:

Firewatch Officers (Fire Guards) are a necessary component to most businesses when they are ordered by a fire marshal to provide a manned watch over a premise or building when there is not an operable/approved fire suppression system in place.

Hot Work/Welding Fire Watch

Necessary when welding is taking place. Hot Work Fire Guards are trained to work alongside skilled technicians performing welding and other hot work to help prevent fires.

Our Fire Guard Training Requirements

Fire watch is the type of fire safety service that is available throughout the USA. This is a vital service that is required by law in every state across America. A fire watch is an obligation that is imposed on businesses and occupied buildings and living spaces across America. Fire Watch Service is required by law as a safety precaution when fire suppression systems are not operating or when fire alarm systems are inoperable or being installed.

In order to suitable for employment as a Fire Guard with our firm, applicants must undergo training for fire safety. Our fire guards are trained by licensed fire guard training firms throughout the country.

This specialty training program is conducted by many organizations that are dedicated to serving the people we contract with. All of these organizations have different objectives and they also come with different courses that are required for people who wish to become a part of this program.

Basic Fire Science training will also be required of applicants who want to become Fire Guards with our company. This training program teaches the basics of fire protection like building ventilation, fire engineering, fire protection system design, fire safety equipment maintenance, fire protection system usage, firefighting procedures and policies, fire exit procedures, and the proper use of emergency equipment. Fire Guards are also expected to know the basic fire safety regulations and policies of our company, which may be more restrictive than state laws where we operate.

Upon completion of the training program, the candidates will receive a position within the company.

See specific requirements for each City/State where we operate.

Services are carried out by either employees, certified contractors or licensees possessing the necessary credentials to operate in a particular location.

Fire Protection Services:

  • Fire Watch Guards
  • Retail Firewatch
  • Fire Guards
  • Fire Safety Officers
  • Hot Work Firewatch
  • Fire Safety Directors
  • Fire Marshal Approved
  • Insurance Approved
  • Nationwide Fire Watch

US Fire Protection Agency, a nationwide fire watch service, providing licensed fire guards in 50 states for two decades.

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Fire Protection Service